Is RaiblocksOne a fork?

Yes, RaiblocksOne is a fork of Nano.



(We made a ticker change from XRB to XRO to distinguish from Nanos old ticker on 19/11/2023.)


The name is a tribute to the former name of Nano (RaiBlocks). To distinguish it from Nano's founding name, the appendix "One" is used. A possible renaming will be discussed together with the community.


As known from Nano: RaiblocksOne transactions are feeless, instant and energy efficient.


Nano was distributed via solving captchas for free and worldwide and accordingly fair. Likewise a total of 340,282,366.9 XRO (RaiblocksOne) were created. In RaiblocksOne, the fair distribution of Nano is to be resorted to. Therefore on the 24th of May 2023 a snapshot of the database of the Nano network was taken. Based on the snapshot, any account in the Nano network with a balance or a receivable amount greater than one Nano was distributed the same amount in the RaiblocksOne network. The accounts that can be assigned to the exchanges were excluded as an assignment to a single user would not be possible. The account used to burn Nanos in the Nano network was also excluded. This results in a total distribution of 87.918.160,34 XRO.


Of the 340,282,366.9 XRO created, an amount of 252.364.206,58 XRO remains for further distribution. This amount will be distributed over a period of 30 years as a reward to the Principal Representatives. This results in a maximum daily payout of 23.046,95 XRO. Due to rounding inaccuracies, the amount may vary slightly. Rewards shall be paid daily based on the respective percentage of the online voting weight of each Principal Representative. This is to incentivize participation and contribution to the RaiblocksOne ecosystem and to secure a future development fund. As the Representatives are freely chosen by all users and can be changed at will, users can choose the Representative that offers the value they want to see in the network (e.g., running a mobile wallet/faucet). To become a Principal Representative you need at least 0,1 % of the online voting weight (right now ~240.000 XRO) delegated to your node. Be active within the community and get some help with the delegation.

Setting up a node

As long as no documentation has been migrated please resort to the excellent documentation from Nano or ask within the community.
The forked repository: https://github.com/raiblocksone/raione-node
Docker: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/raiblocksone/raiblocksone/

Install Docker and run:
docker pull raiblocksone/raione:R1_V.02.2
docker run --restart=unless-stopped -d -p 7075:7075 -p -p -v :/root: --name nodename raiblocksone/raione:R1_V.02.2

The ports 7076 (querying via RPC) and 7078 (connecting via Websockets) are optional.

Get the ledger

The node will start to bootstrap from scratch. This may take a bit.